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Swedish Financial Institution

Settling with merchants represents the last step of a trade, after the payment is accepted. We aim to make a difference within the global networks through our all-in-one solution for companies that allows them to easily, safely, and securely handle their accounts.

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We operate in the EU/EEA region and we focus on cross-border companies doing business in these countries, helping them save money every time they perform a transaction.



We perform AML, PEP, Watchlists, and Sanction Screening under our omni-channel solution, facilitating escrow services for tax intermediaries for the regulated EU/EEA market.

Our Mission

We partner with fintechs, PSPs, tax representatives, and gig-economy platforms when payment flows need to merge and split between collection and settlement.

Our Vision

Plusius aims to become the go-to-split provider for international traders, helping companies save millions in unnecessary FX costs through our embedded services.

Funds and flows reconciliation

Plusius is part of the funds and monetary flows conciliation, representing the missing link between a consumer and a merchant. We ensure all PSP options are optimized for people and businesses no matter the country, without charging unnecessary costs to reconciliate transactions. Our solution starts working when PSPs stop and represents the final step for finalizing any purchase or payment.


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