Advanced payouts splitting
of multinational transactions
and multi-currency flows

Plusius offers financial services—from collection to settlement with escrow and payment splits as a standard service. Regardless of the complexity of your payment streams, we facilitate payouts to multiple recipients in real-time; whilst covering the enhanced KYC/AML work for you.


Transactions & FX

We're here to extend your PSP capabilities. Plusius provides digital payments and complex optimization for cross-border monetary and currency flows.

Real-time transactions

We are directly integrated with all major payment networks through our bank partners, ensuring a seamless payment process to our customers.

Insured funds

Plusius securely transfers and converts currencies within seconds, safeguarding your funds in your selected settlement currency, eliminating risks and extra FX costs.

Multi-currency flows

Our company will help you split and escrow cross-border transactions in real-time, overseeing the entire process and protecting your funds, no matter the choice of currency for your payment.

Zero currency risk

As a regulated financial institution by the Financial Supervisory Authority on the EU/ EEA markets, Plusius guarantees your funds and stores them within major banks, in Settlement Accounts on your behalf.


We start where PSPs end

Plusius optimizes monetary flows with your local PSP before setting any currencies towards the seller. Thus, we ensure you have full control on cross-border trades, regardless of the number of PSPs you use locally and no matter the type or method of payment you choose. Our solution eliminates all hidden fees when reconciliating payments and payout all transaction participants at the same time.

30 +


We operate in the EU/EEA region and we focus on cross-border companies doing business in these countries, helping them save money every time they perform a transaction.



We perform AML, PEP, Watchlists, and Sanction Screening under our omni-channel solution, facilitating escrow services for tax intermediaries for the regulated EU/EEA market.

Escrow accounts in all
G10 currencies

The EU/EEA payment industry is complex, with cross-border payments that often takes days to settle and put an extra financial burden on both parties. Ecommerce, gig economy platforms, and others are settling taxes, VAT, and toll at a later date, which could bring additional unwanted costs. Our escrow service solution reduces the volatility between currencies as we store funds in the settlement currency of the recipient (merchant, carrier company, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

Payouts can happen everyday, including weekends and bank holidays.
Yes we can, however we are not the PSP, you need to keep your payment initiator for direct bank payments. This is not plug and play.
Yes, we do not issue invoices nor credits but we fix this locally in the collection currencies and avoid FX costs on the funds multiple times.


We create and maintain partnerships that last. We solve expensive problems and seek that our partners efficiently combine embedded finance with auxiliary services for smooth and optimized payments. Meet some of our partners and discover the impact that partnering with Plusius can create.

When I first heard of Plusius concept it seemed to be something exciting and worth looking closer. I soon realized that Plusius recognizes the need to solve international economic transactions in a more efficient way and they also have great solutions for that. Since this is a strictly regulated market and Plusius has already come a long way, I think the company has a bright future.


CEO of Husherren Fastigheter, Investor at Plusius

I believe Plusius can revolutionize the e-commerce payment market because their product is what the global industry needs to conform to the new EU rules. Effectively they have the financial “golden goose” that can lay the golden eggs!


International Logistics Manager at Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

Hurricane & Plusius makes perfect sense as a collaborative by simplifying the complex. Data enhancement is an essential start of the journey prior to Plusius taking the payments. Classification, Calculation & Collection. We are offering a world leading solution to remove the headache for our customers.


Director Business Development at Hurricane Modular Commerce

We are excited to have agreed this strategic partnership with Plusius, a highly innovative business with the capability to provide digital payments and optimise the monetary flows between countries and currencies.


CEO of Hurricane Commerce


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