Financial infrastructure

Simple Payments

Collect funds and payout all around the world with intelligent
payment infrastructure. Global multi-currency IBAN accounts. Automated payments via a single API.

Beyond the PSPs

All in one API to manage payment ecosystem including PSPs

Local to local

Scale up faster in new markets and access local payment schemes

Modern Payments

Follow the trend and offer latest local and global payment methods

Bank-beating Infrastructure

We do what banks don’t by removing all the boundaries.
Our payment processing infrastructure is entirely tailor-made
and adaptable to your demands. We customize unique fund
flows from scratch.

Let’s discuss how we can add value to your business.

Connect your business payments

We facilitate interactions between your customers’ banks and
the payment destinations using the same swift network banks use.
This allows entities other than banks to participate directly in the movement of funds and earn on the same flows.

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Why Plusius?

Our built in-house payment infrastructure allows you to manage finances without delays anywhere in the world.

IBAN accounts

Multi-currency local and virtual IBAN accounts to send, hold and receive payments.

Same day payouts

Make instant payouts via global and domestic banking rails in any part of the world.

Embedded finance

Bulk of services integrated into your platform via API for efficient payent operations.

Payment network

Domestic and global payment networks, RIX (SE), SEPA, SWIFT, ACH, BACS, and more.

Pay the way you want

Let your suppliers and customers pay how they want with 160+ payment methods.

Bank beating rates

Real-time or locked up competitive FX rates for global transactions.

Automated payments

Make instant, recurring and scheduled transactions to your customers and partners.

API integration

Connect with TPPs, applications, banks, suppliers and your system.

Financial Infrasturcture

Local IBAN account
for collection in Sweden

Yes, we have the next best thing fully backed by Swedish banks and same-day transaction on the Swedish clearing network. Escrow solutions on the Swedish SEK network for you who are holding funds for yourself, your customers or for projects.

Hold and handle client
funds in SEK

Financial Institutions and BaaS providers use Plusius to hold and handle client funds in SEK, directly connected to the Swedish clearing network (RIX). Explore all payment networks we support and have access to.

Bespoke and easy-to-use API

Buy-and-sell on the Swedish market from abroad and open local settlement accounts via our API-driven service for seamless fund movement. No limitation in coverage for low risk businesses.

Find out how easily our API can be connceted with your system.

Supply chain

Dutyplus enables hassle-free DDU shipment

Convert DDU into DDP parcels - with no need of IOSS. Whether you're engaged in C2C, B2C, or B2B cross-border supply chains, DutyPlus solution is your ultimate ally for success. 

Facilitate your global e-commerce businesses by automating complex payment flows while ensuring compliance, traceability and control. Ensure a hassle-free duty and tax collection process for DDU parcels, by updating the manifest with an audit trail.

Why DutyPlus?

Save money

Automate current flows and minimize expenses in your current processes.

Faster shipping

Faster parcel clearance and shipping from paid upfront duties and taxes.

Earn money

Discover opportunities for new revenue generation from new revenue streams.

White-label checkout

Offer your own checkout as a trusted payment experience for your customers.

Full compliance

Streamline customs procedures and avoid penalties, now and in the future via audit trail system.

Customer satisfaction

Hassle-free, fast and transparent experience for your customers.

“With the Plusius integration, we now benefit from a reliable global payment infrastructure that effectively manages our fund movements. Automating transactions within our supply chain for IOSS DDP solutions, spanning various currencies and regions, has been transformed into a streamlined and effortless process to develop CBIT as a company”

Marcus Olivera,

''By embedding Plusius API with the Tango AML system, we can seamlessly collect, escrow, and transmit funds globally, ensuring secure and efficient P2P transactions. Plusius' intelligent payment infrastructure streamlines our money flow management across partners and customers, simplifying our processes and enhancing the overall payment ecosystem''

Elena Duquesne Borta,


''We are excited to have agreed on a strategic partnership with Plusius, a highly innovative business with the capability to provide digital payments and optimise the monetary flows between countries and curencies''

Martyn Noble,



Your trusted and reliable partner

In-house team

An in-house development team enables us to solve any type of tech issues with higher speed and efficiency without relying on others.

Secure & safe funds

All your money and personal data is protected in a secure manner following 2FA authentication and advanced risk assessment (KYC/KYB).

Regulated by the FCA

Plusius is a swedish based authorised Payment Institution. Registered and regulated by the Swedish Supervisory Authority with reference number # 58214


Plusius is a swedish based authorised 'Payment Institution' registered and regulated by the Swedish Supervisory Authority with reference number # 58214.
Plusius is a B2B company that exclusively provides services to corporate entities., however, businesses can manage funds of private people.
We offer the following payment types: Plusius accounts, RIX (swedish clearing network),SEPA (EU), SWIFT Payments, FASTER Payments, BACS, CHAPS, ACH, FPS, Domestic Bank Transfer and Fedwire. It is possible to exchange or make payments in more than 55 currencies internationally. Please, contact to get more information.
Yes, we can. Plusius offers services in duty and tax collection that includes HS code classification, Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) in the form of total landed cost for your customers during e-checkout, and custom clearance.
Yes, we do not issue invoices nor credits but we fix this locally in the collection currencies and avoid FX costs on the funds multiple times.

Trying to get an IBAN for local collection?

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